Wednesday, December 19, 2012, the Letty Coppel Foundation organized an inn in coordination with the indigenous women of Cabo San Lucas B.C.S.

The Letty Coppel Foundation moved the palms of Cabo San Lucas to the colony to wish them a merry Christmas. They organized an inn to the children of low resources of the colony the palms, to congratulate them in this so special date, where they attended more than 100 children to celebrate the Christmas, in this event we accompanied Santa Claus with his consented reindeer, congratulating the children and giving gifts, and photo taking souvenir, broke piñatas, sweets, pastry, chocolate, soda, tamales, toys among other surprises, little children very happy to see Santa Claus, with shouts and aplazo thanked the Letty Foundation Coppel for being with them on this date of peace and joy.