Transforming lives through commitment

Marginalized communities face a range of complex challenges, from lack of access to basic services to discrimination and social exclusion. However, despite these adversities, these communities are also rich in talent, resilience, and potential. This is where foundations come into play, as catalysts for change and agents of empowerment.


At a time when the world is facing unprecedented challenges, the work of social programs becomes even more crucial. That’s why, from providing food assistance to mobile medical services, the Fundación Letty Coppel emerges as a catalyst for change, driving significant changes that positively impact the lives of those who need it most.

One of the most important aspects of being involved in a complete transformation in the lives of those in need is believing in the cause you work for, committing to people, and guiding yourself by values such as empathy, equity, justice, and respect for human dignity.

The true measure of success for the Fundación Letty Coppel in transforming marginalized communities is not found in its financial statements or public recognition, but in the tangible impact it generates in people’s lives. An example of this is aiding children, youth, and the elderly with specific needs by donating orthopedic devices such as wheelchairs, canes,

crutches, etc., allowing them greater mobility and performance in their daily lives, demonstrating that their condition is not a barrier.


This group of people represents around 16% of the population in Mexico, making it one of the largest minorities in the country. Therefore, one of the supports provided is physical rehabilitation for children and adults, allowing them to improve their quality of life. By providing them with the necessary tools to overcome the barriers they face, rehabilitation helps build a more inclusive, equitable, and accessible world for everyone.

In addition to assistance provided for the physical needs of those who require it, food assistance and nutritional guidance are provided. This is a monthly support given to families and the elderly who do not have a source of income or pension to cover their most basic needs, thus promoting health and well-being and reducing inequality and exclusion in communities in vulnerable situations.


Finally, by working in collaboration with other social actors, foundations can significantly contribute to the positive transformation of society, fostering innovation, promoting civic participation and volunteerism, and advocating for real change for current and future generations.