The Letty Coppel Foundation visits Rural Zones and Ranches in La Paz B.C.S.

The Letty Coppel Foundation, in coordination with the Municipal DIF (Development of the Family) of La Paz, visited families in rural zones and rancherías, with the due measures and following safety protocols to protect everyone with the intention of supporting families during the event of COVID – 19. Different places were visited such as Rancherías Los Tamales, Olas Altas, El Sargento, Boca del Álamo, Los Planos, Los Barriles, La Pasión, Agua Clara, Álvaro Obregón, El Carrizal, Santa Cruz, and La Trinidad of the State of Baja California Sur, where food supplies and blankets were delivered to people with disabilities, reaching distant places where it is difficult access to these supplies, doing everything possible to bring them within reach. The he Letty Coppel Foundation always seeks to implement these programs for families and children in need of this type of help.