The Letty Coppel Foundation supports the Alpha and Omega canteen.

Letty Coppel Foundation supports the Alpha and Omega dining room located in the Caribbean neighborhood of Cabo San Lucas, to improve the conditions of those who take refuge in this place in search of help, with the sole intention of supporting this place that by name carries ” Alpha and Omega “is to help others in need, this is mentioned by the pastor, Mr. Juan who is in charge, the Letty Coppel Foundation was present in the works of the expansion of the place where they made a significant donation of material for construction. , this cafeteria operates with the aim of rescuing the children Alpha and Omega, whose goal is to take these children out of the dangers of the streets, away from addictions and abuse, they thanked the Letty Coppel Foundation for the support construction of the rooms that will be for the new kitchen and the first classroom.