The Joy and the Christmas Spirit invade the Daytime House Cabo San Lucas

The Grandparents who attended the Daytime House Cabo San Lucas, spent enjoyable moments and started to live the joy and the spirit of Christmas time.During the evening of Friday 17th, authorities and benefactor institutions like Letty Coppel Foundation, Magnificent Obsession Association and the Lawyers College from Los Cabos, attended the San Miguel Daytime House in order to celebrate a Christmas party with the grandparents, who simply by the fact of having their visits were very happy.

An enjoyment that was enhanced when they sang the traditional Christmas carols, and that reminded them that Christmas was just around the corner.

The Grandparents had the opportunity to break the piñatas as if they were little children,  besides being delighted with the candies that were in the piñata.

Later the benefactors gave the typical Christmas box and food baskets to each one of the grandparents that were attending the event.