The Foundation Letty Coppel in coordination with DIF, Los Cabos, offered the conference “ Más allá de la Discapacidad” (over the disabilities)

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. Letty Coppel Foundation, Los Cabos coordination, on charge of Lucy Guevara, started yesterday the project “Más allá de la Discapacidad, Hogar es amor” (over the disabilities, home is love).

The Family and the Disability in its first session, will be given each Saturday during the month of May, which is offered to the parents of the little kids who are part of the equine therapy group, which is promoted by DIF Los Cabos and Letty Coppel Foundation and is constantly helping with diverse supports, conferences and workshops to improve the familiar integration.

By his part the Director of DIF Los Cabos, appreciated to Letty Coppel Foundation, by their valuable work realized in the municipality, and for the big support offered to us.