The Foundation Letty Coppel gives certificates to the C4 staff in Cabo San Lucas from the “Emotional first aid” course

This was a 12 hours training course offered to the C4 staff in Cabo San Lucas, named “Emotional first aid”, in which they obtained the knowledge about how to help  people on crisis emergency calls and the procedures about what to do on extreme panic calls.

The training course was taught by Lic. Lucy Guevara, Letty Coppel Foundation´s Coordinator, who commented that it is extremely important to reinforce to all the call operators in both, their personal emotions and the emotions of the people who request help.

Lic. Margarita Salcido, C4 Director, thanked to Letty Coppel Foundation, by the training course taught, she added that “it is very important to all of our collaborators, my main objective as Director is the constant training of all the personnel, I thank to Lic. Lucy Guevara all the support and knowledge she always transmits to us with this kind of courses”.