The Foundation Letty Coppel and DIF Cabo San Lucas, celebrated the family´s national day

To celebrate this day, a walking trip was organized early in the morning, leaving from Marina Boulevard, in front of las Quesadillas restaurant, where all the happy and motivated families, participated in different activities, such as zumba, games, raffles and many more.

Mrs. Cristina of Lagarda, DIF President in Cabo San Lucas District, gave a message to all the families, which emphasize that the basis of any family is the strength and love between the members of it, so that´s the only objective in this event is to celebrate with joy and happiness to all our families, but mostly to instill the values and respect in our kids, and to thank to Letty Coppel Foundation for the great support that we have always received from courses that are taught the vast majority aimed at the family.