Supporting the families most affected by the coronavirus crisis


It is during these difficult times when unity becomes the key that unlocks hearts, awakens the sense of community and sympathy for others.

At the Letty Coppel Foundation, we are proud and grateful to say that many have shown their solidarity towards the families of Los Cabos and Mazatlan.



Thanks to your donations, we have accomplished the following:

6,000 food baskets have been delivered

450 families have been supplied with water

Diapers have been donated to families

700 eggs baskets have been delivered

SUPPORT US: Make a donation

Help us continue supporting the families that have been most impacted by the crisis caused by COVID-19. Your donation will help us feed more families in Los Cabos and Mazatlán.

1 Food Basket = ($ 20) = Feeds 1 Family



Alongside the Community Alliance for Baja California Sur, we will continue working and doing everything in our power to put food on the table for families who still need our help.



From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support!