Summer Course “My Vacation in the Library”

In order for children and youth away from vices and convey crafts, handicrafts and Mexican traditions, the Coordination of Education invited the children of Pueblo Bonito Group partners to participate in summer course called “My vacation Library “.

The workshops will be conducted from July 12 to August 6, from 10 am to 12 noon, where children will be receiving from the five years of age.

From day 12 to 16 July, will be teaching the workshop Concha Painting by Artists and Artisans Association of Los Cabos, from 19 to 23, the Toys and Games Workshop, in order that children and young people develop Mexican toys by Nora Alicia Márquez, from 26 to 30 the workshop the free time you have left, the theme will be traditional food, songs and games Mexicans, Nadia Canales and from 02 to august 6 will conclude ther workshop thanks to Mi tierra Mexicana, where they teach dance and suits alls types of country.