Special Therapy “Psychopedagogy México”

During the month of June, Letty Coppel Foundation broke a mark of special attention to those who need it the most, delivering more than 240 interconsultations to children and their families with special needs, as part of the care project of the Psychopedagogy Mexico, Letty Coppel supports the group in a timely manner the rehabilitation of children with different abilities, supporting in parallel to the network of parents of special children, based in Mazatlán Sinaloa. Much of the attention is reflected in the psychological and psychopedagogical characteristics by the specialists of the center which, led by the hands with the parents, the children successfully receive Language Therapy, Early Stimulation, Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, guidance to parents in addition to providing comprehensive support materials for the therapies of the children who need it most. More than 40 children have already benefited from the Letty Coppel program, which has been a success in the timely attention of these children, which are reflected in academic and behavioral progress where mothers feel grateful to the Foundation and the support they are receiving from Psychopedagogy Mexico! SPECIAL REHABILITATION Program a success in the Municipality of Mazatlán Sinaloa.