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The nutrition department of the Letty Coppel Foundation Social Assistance Center is focused on people who need to improve their quality of life through guidelines for good nutrition, whether for managing the development of pathologies, overweight, obesity, underweight, malnutrition , nutritional control or maintenance among many more approaches that need a specific nutritional plan.

Everything mentioned above under A, B, C, D and E of nutrition (Background, Biochemists, Clinics, Dietetics and Lifestyle).

It seeks to effectively serve the dietary and nutritional needs of each patient through specialized consultations on their needs.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, through nutritional education and dietary advice.

  • Specialized Nutritional Advice
  • About Weight or Obesity
  • Low Weight or Malnutrition
  • Developing degenerative or chronic diseases.
  • Childhood obesity workshops
  • Child Malnutrition Workshops
  • Talks and conferences on general health
  • School talks and lectures

Nutrition is one of the pillars of health. At all ages, proper nutrition helps to strengthen the immune system, contract fewer diseases and, in general, enjoy good health.