Pre-Christmas celebration at the grandparents Casa de Dia.

On 15 December the House of Day grandparents were subjected to a pre-Christmas conviviality organized by Letty Coppel Foundation in coordination with the Municipal DIF System of Los Cabos.

Since arriving grandparents were greeted with delicious breakfast which greatly enjoyed. After the central courtyard of the institution undertook the delivery of monthly pantries each of the grandparents by Pueblo Bonito Group executives, on this occasion was attended by Mr. Alain Mestre Director of Corporate Projects, Mr. Salvador Arriola representing Hotel Pueblo Bonito Blanco, Lic Lic Hugo and Karla Lozano Muñoz for Hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose.

The continued good fun and joy to the grandparents with the raffle of gifts, breaking piñatas, candy and cake delivery.