Ms. Letty Coppel was awarded the “Doctor Honoris Causa” 2019.

The award ceremony for the degree of “Doctor Honoris Causa” took place on Friday, July 19th at 5:00 pm where Mrs. Letty Coppel personally received the honorary title of “Doctor Honoris Causa”

It is an Award given at a national and international level.
The “Honoris Causa Doctoral Cloister” is a civil society organization composed of foundations,
diplomatic and citizen committees, and academic members from various universities. One or more universities are designated to comply with the protocol of granting the honorary “Doctor Honoris Causa” degree, that through its Council seeks to recognize men and women leaders who, by their professional work, their academic achievements and their social projects, contribute to the enrichment of mankind.
The ceremony was held at the Museum of Mexican History in Monterrey Nuevo León 2019.