Ms. Letty Coppel received the Award of Merit Women

On 13 November 2009, Ms. Letty Coppel was awarded the Merit Women Agustina Monterde Lafarga, awarded each year by the city of Mazatlan, a prominent woman who distinguishes himself by working for the benefit of the most vulnerable.
During the ceremony, the councilman Isaias Leal mentioned that were received from various colonies to Ms. Letty Coppel received this honor because of the great role he has played in guiding Letty Coppel Foundation.
Mayor Jorge Abel Lopez Sanchez was responsible for giving the award and the medal to the honoree. In his message, Ms. Letty Coppel said receiving this award with deep gratitude, on behalf of the most vulnerable and the fight for a better world.
“As a woman and mother, my concern extends to all members of the human family and to all suffering beings. I believe that ignorance is the cause of all suffering. People infringes pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness and satisfaction. ”
At the end of the awards ceremony being carried out reception where the guests took the opportunity to congratulate and live with the honoree.