Mrs. Letty Coppel visits a Daytime House

On February 15th, Mrs. Letty Coppel visited the Daytime House, where she spent time with the senior adults who attend this support center. Mrs. Letty Coppel was welcomed with big applause by the senior adults.

As part of the visit, the senior adults received a Valentine’s Day present from Mrs. Letty Coppel and also enjoyed a delicious cake.  During the visit they shared some anecdotes with Mrs. Letty Coppel and thanked her for the previous support that she has given them.

During the visit, staff from the Daytime House gave Mrs. Letty Coppel a tour of the facilities, and she could verify the services provided by this institution to the senior adults who ask for her help.  In the Daytime House they enjoy activities like handcrafts and dancing and also have access to daily medical consults.