Letty Coppel foundation visits rural areas and small settlements in Baja California Sur. November 2019

Letty Coppel Foundation, in coordination with the La Paz Municipal DIF, visited families that are located on rancherias from different places of the South Zone such as, Rancherías Los Tamales, Agua Amargo, Olas Altas, El Progreso, El Sargento, Los Planos, San Bartolo, Los Barriles, La Pasión, all from the State of Baja California Sur. Diapers were given to people with different disabilities as well as food pantries to families in these locations. Since they live far away, it is very difficult for these items to be within their reach. Letty Coppel Foundation always seeks to implement these types of programs for the most vulnerable households and to children who need this type of assistance.


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