Letty Coppel Foundation supports children of employees with school kits

Letty Coppel Foundation delivers 250 backpacks and 200 pesos in electronic card for school supplies stocked by the same number of children of employees who got better grades.

The Foundation president Letty Coppel, who traveled to Los Cabos only to appear in package delivery is first school, said in his message “You have to educate our children with values more with the climate of violence and insecurity, we must construct the civilization of love, which can not have better foundations within the family structure that corresponds to build a culture of values that allow people to develop fully, leading to firmly allowing children to bear the consequences of their actions to make never allow responsible within the family is broken communication, build trust, open channels so that each child can say what you feel or what they think without fear of being suppressed facts that separate rather than unite. “