Letty Coppel Foundation – Social Assistance Center Anniversary

A very special celebration took place in the Letty Coppel Foundation – Social Assistance Center, due to its first anniversary, as well as the honorable award Mrs. Letty Coppel received.


Last June 19 the ceremony took place in the National History Museum in Monterrey Mexico, personally, Mrs. Letty  Coppel received a “Honoris Causa Doctorate”, which is a very special and notable award given to people that mainly for professional work, academic and social project, contributes to support mankind welfare, a characteristic that joins people goals and promotes respect. The merit of her service actions and of course her notable contribution to the country development through her social support, academic and cultural; recognizable and impeccable, under the principles and statutes that are specified by the “Honoris Causa Doctorate” cloister. It also should be mentioned that this prize is given as a result of highly honorable effort, nationally and internationally.


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