Letty Coppel Foundation presented donations to Casa de Día

On Wednesday, 11 November Ms Letty Coppel toured the facilities of the House of Day, a monthly recipient institution with the delivery of pantries to the grandparents who attended there.

In the event of delivery of pantry Ms Carolina Castro Corazón System President DIF Los Cabos, stressed the importance of this donation, and most importantly the warmth and gentle gesture of each of the Pueblo Bonito Group executives who each month ones come to visit the grandparents, who are a source of wisdom and experience.
The grandparents were his multiple talents by presenting many artists from singing and dancing.
A motivational message was expressed by Mrs. Letty Coppel Foundation President, who invited them to stay young at heart forever.
The celebration was enlivened by the notes of a musical group with which the grandparents enjoyed a bit of fun living together.