Letty Coppel Foundation joins the celebrations of World Day of Disability

The DIF Los Cabos system, chaired by Ms. Carolina Castro Corazón on the occasion of World Disability Day, organized a sports artistic festival.

In the presidium as well as municipal authorities were present Associations and Organizations that in the locality have distinguished themselves for supporting people with disabilities, to mention some Cabo Dolphins, Autism Network and the different schools of special education.

The event was full of emotion given the great effort and courage of each of the participants in the athletics events, each of the participants were awarded with medals, who proudly carried them.

It is worth noting the artistic participation of the “Choir without Voices” who interpreted two melodies in sign language, since all the members of the choir are people who have hearing and language problems, but this disability has not been an obstacle for them to come to classes to a school system.