Letty Coppel Foundation has begun a new 2019 – 2020 cycle for the support of children with disabilities and women with cancer, 2019

Starting with a new 2019 – 2020 cycle. As it is well known, every month financial support is given to children of different disabilities and to women and children with cancer. This is done with the intention of providing aid and helping them continue with their treatments; whether it is medication, therapy, or diapers. Since these treatments are very expensive and most families do not have enough resources to cover the expenses, families are grateful to the Foundation for its great support towards their children and aid to continue with their treatments. On this occasion new members, who will be benefited from this program, were presented. We were accompanied by special guests, the General Managers from Pueblo Bonito Hotels in Los Cabos. They witnessed this support being done for the children’s well-being.