Letty Coppel Foundation Donates to Cabo San Lucas DIF System

On Tuesday 10 November, the unit’s Physical Therapy Rehabilitation DIF Cabo San Lucas, received a grant from the Letty Coppel Foundation held by its President Ms. Letty Coppel.

Prior to the donation toured the facilities of Cabo San Lucas DIF System worthily presided Mrs Erika Ibarra and in this work is supported by Ms.

Vianney Nuñez who have an excellent team provide services from legal advice , to physical rehabilitation therapy, attended by over 50 people daily.
Rehabilitation Unit in Physical Therapy targets were delivered to be used as a compress on the implementation of therapies.

The ensuing delivery of food and pantries for the school breakfast program and regional cuisines, which were received by each of the heads of the kitchens that prepare breakfasts that are served daily to over 8,000 children