Letty Coppel Foundation donated a mobile medical unit to the city hall at Cabo San Lucas.

This Mobile Medical Unit was acquired with the proceeds from the Black & White event. Thanks to the help from: people who donated items to auction off, suppliers, guests who attended the event and the organization committee, more than 4 million pesos were collected. This time the foundation donated a medical mobile unit, so the city hall at Cabo San Lucas and Mrs. Jesús Armida Castro can carry out medical projects in favor of the community.
This medical unit will provide free health care services like: mastography, Papanicolaou, densitometry, dentistry services and general consultation in coordination with city hall direction and DIF, so then they can carry out their programs in a committed and responsible way in the different communities in need around Cabo San Lucas.
This unit Will be under the city hall administration and once the Project is done it Will return to the foundation for its maintenance, then it will collaborate with the next city hall administration.

With your donation you´re supporting programs that give hope to families in need.