Letty Coppel Foundation celebrates 20 years of social commitment to Mexican society

Celebrating 20 Years of Social Commitment: The Impact of the Letty Coppel Foundation on Mexican Society 

In the heart of Mexican society, the Letty Coppel Foundation has been a beacon of hope for the past two decades. Its tireless dedication to social programs has touched countless lives, providing support and opportunities to those who need it most. In this special year, the foundation celebrates its 20th anniversary with significant events that reflect its ongoing commitment to the well-being of the community. 

To commemorate its twentieth anniversary in a unique way, the Letty Coppel Foundation has organized a spectacular concert featuring Matute. This special event, set against the stunning natural backdrop of Quivira Los Cabos, promises to be an unforgettable night. 

Matute, the iconic Mexican band, will ignite the celebration with their music and infectious energy to revive the best hits of the 80s. Imagine singing and dancing to the rhythm of their successes, surrounded by the incomparable beauty of Quivira Los Cabos. This concert is not just an event; it’s an experience you can’t miss—it will activate your senses and immerse you in the magic of music and solidarity. 


By joining this celebration, you become a vital part of the noble cause that drives the Letty Coppel Foundation. Your support directly contributes to the continuity of the social programs that have positively shaped the foundation’s trajectory. So, get ready to celebrate 20 years of social impact, vibrant music, and solidarity in the heart of Mexico. 

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But the celebration doesn’t end there; the Letty Coppel Foundation has planned two bazaars, one in Los Cabos and another in Mazatlán. These events not only offer unique and handmade products but also serve a significant purpose: to benefit the women participating in the self-employment workshops of the Letty Coppel Foundation’s Social Assistance Center. 

In the Christmas bazaar, held in both Los Cabos and Mazatlán, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase skillfully crafted products by the foundation’s students. From jewelry items like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to clothing that includes cover-ups for swimwear, beach outfits, and kitchen aprons, there will be a delightful variety to choose from. Additionally, pastry enthusiasts can indulge in a selection of treats such as cakes, cookies, pastries, and cupcakes. 

Fundación Letty Coppel en apoyo a mujeres.


Most importantly, each purchase directly contributes to the income of the participating female students in the bazaar, providing them with a source of livelihood and empowering them through the skills acquired in the self-employment workshops. It’s a tangible way to support the Letty Coppel Foundation’s social programs that have made a difference in the lives of many people over the years. 

In summary, the Letty Coppel Foundation has been a beacon of hope for two decades, touching lives through its social programs. The Christmas bazaars and the Matute concert are tangible testimonies of its ongoing commitment to the community. Join the celebration and be part of this noble cause! Letty Coppel Foundation and social programs are keywords that resonate throughout this story, reminding us of the importance of supporting initiatives that make a difference in our society. Let’s celebrate together 20 years of social impact with vibrant music and support for others! 


Fundación Letty Coppel en entrega de despensas a colonias de bajos recursos en Los Cabos.