Letty Coppel Foundation and DIF celebrated children’s physical rehabilitation

The DIF system Cabo San Lucas with the support of the Letty Coppel Foundation organized on 08 december the inn to over 50 children who come regularly to the Children’s Physical Rehabilitation Unit.

The event was attended as guests Dr. Ernesto Ibarra Officer of Cabo San Lucas, Ms. Castro Carolina System President DIF Los Cabos, Ms. Erika de Ibarra, President of DIF Cabo San Lucas, Ms. Vianney Nuñez, Director DIF Cabo San Lucas, Mrs. Goyita Osako, Alfredo Santander, Mr. Marco Antonio Ayala,  Mr. Armando Espino and  Mrs. Centy Castro all Pueblo Bonito Group executives.

Amid a hail of streamers came Santa Claus, assisted by the guests who made the delivery of toys to children.