Letty Coppel Foundation adopted 15 children with different abilities

On 09 of Letty Coppel noviembre Foundation, sponsored 15 children with different capacities in an event developed in the DIF System facilities in Los Cabos.

The event was attended by: Ms. Carolina Castro Corazón System DIF President DIF Los Cabos, Ms. Minerva Ibarra DIF System Director, Mr. Jesus Juarez Citizen Involvement Coordinator and the TS Maria Candelaria Moreno Coordinator of Disability, mothers and 15 children and youth with disabilities.

Ms. Letty Coppel was President of the Foundation that bears his name, who together with Ms. Carolina Castro handed each child benefited by the program “Adopt a Child with Different Capacities” an allocation of diapers.

Tears seized all present when Ms., Letty Coppel described them as “Angles who teach us the value of person and think more about the spiritual.”
The TS Ma Candelaria Moreno, accompanied by one of the small benefit awarded Mrs Letty Coppel a collage with the smiling faces of children with the phrase “You’ve put that smile on my face.”