Last delivery Pamar Scholarship 2009-2010 School Year

The president of the system for the Integral Development of the Family of the delegation of Cabo San Lucas, Erika Martínez Parra in the company of the Foundation representative Letty Coppel, was responsible for making the final delivery of economic supports 2009-2010, to 50 children in the Child Care programs and Adolescents at Risk.

The owner delegacion Erika Martinez on behalf of the president of DIF Los Cabos, Carolina Castro Heart, gave the welcome message to children, parents who gathered at the premises of the social welfare institution Cabo San Lucas, to receive the incentive of 300 pesos which provides the foundation each month to fifty children scholarships.

Parra Martinez thanked the effort made by Letty Coppel Foundation to support such noble causes, such as strengthening education of children Pamar, this in order to allow this small contribution to help the economy of the family.

Note that this incentive is aimed to carry out the purchase of school uniforms, supplies, or other accessories necessary for its performance in the classroom.

Erika Martinez emphasized that since the beginning of the current administration headed tenth Oscar René Núñez, has set itself the goal of improving the conditions of schools and support the needs of pupils, to avoid dropping out of children lack care required in each of the academic institutions.

For its part, the coordinator of the Letty Coppel Foundation, Lucy Guevara urged children and parents to support their studies because education is one of the most precious legacies that can be inherited to a child and thus be a good citizen, respectful and polite.

The event concluded with the presentation of academic scholarship worth 300 pesos to fifty students on scholarship from the foundation, and notebooks are also provided for the next beginning of the school and the right to participate in the raffle for a number of backpacks.