Last delivery of 2009 scholarshio for special children

On December 10th, the last award of economic scholarships of the Different Capabilities program was held, where the Letty Coppel Foundation joins the DIF Mazatlan with 50 scholarships. The event took place in the courtyard of the municipal palace where children benefited with a family member attended.

This program currently benefits 350 children with different abilities. During the delivery event Mrs. Perla Sarmiento (President of DIF Mazatlán) emphasized that she will request the municipal government to increase the number of beneficiaries with this program.

Mrs. Luz Adriana Varela, mother of a beneficiary child, also thanked the DIF and the Letty Coppel Foundation for the great support given to these children and hopefully more children could have access to these programs. At the end of the event, the beneficiaries went to collect their monthly help.