Installment of Economical Grants of December 2010

On Thursday, December 23rd, 2010, the last installment of economic grants corresponding to the month of December was held. In this formal ceremony Mrs. Perla Sarmiento, president of the Municipal DIF, was present in this formal ceremony. She thanked the Letty Coppel Foundation for the support of economic Grants, which were being offered for over a year to children with disabilities and to the senior adults program.

This event held jointly with the Municipal administration, was the last of the year, and took place on the German Evers’ Court, where every month brings beneficiaries of the grants that Letty Coppel Foundation gives come together. Fifty grants are for children with disabilities, and twenty are for senior adults.

With these activities Letty Coppel Foundation strengthens its commitment with the community of meager resources besides looking for new mechanisms to support these groups.