Honor to Whom Honor is due

Lady Letty Coppel is honored in Mazatlan Sinaloa City because of her great human quality, her noble hart and the invaluable labor in benefit to people in need, her philanthropic labor was recognized as unique in the city and awarded with the heart of gold medal, which is actually the first medal given by the Mexican Business Women Association A.C. Maria Sanchez the Local “AMMJE” president, Ana Maria del Rosario Garzon Zuñiga the “AMMJE” National President were in charge of giving this medal for Mrs. Letty Coppel.

In her message Garzon Zuñiga emphasized that this medal means the social awareness, dedication, focused career and always attempted to protect and support vulnerable people without expecting a benefit. During the event which took place in “Salon las Fuentes” at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Resort, a message was displayed to show the Letty Coppel Foundation most notable contributions to the Mazatlan community.
Consequently, the awarded Lady Letty Coppel happily thanked the award and the medal and in her message he expressed: “Letty Coppel Foundation is my passion, ive always lived with this illusion and keeps my major goal in life which is to support the community in need, whatever can happen to them or whatever goal they have we can support it, we believe in family union power and that is why we always will support this movement” at the end of the act friends and participants participants took pictures with Lady Letty Coppel which then they enjoyed a delicious breakfast.