Letty Coppel Foundation sympathize with the victims of Hurricane Jimena.

The foundation allocated 100 pantries for those affected by Hurricane

A total of 100 pantries were delivered to DIF, for distribution among the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Jimena in our community. The delivery was made to C. Jesus Juarez Espinosa Involvement Coordinator and will be the DIF, who does these pantries to reach those most affected in our community.

Among the distributed food, oil, beans, rice, powdered milk, pulses in order to lessen the crisis experienced by the victims of Hurricane Jimena.

With this action, the Letty Coppel Foundation and Pueblo Bonito Group, again in solidarity with society, committed to values and recognizing its commitment to the mexican population. The donation of food, is a sign of social responsibility Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation does for the community when more is needed.