Letty Coppel Foundation presents team teaching for students with Different Capacities.

Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation handed over a donation to the Center of Industrial Technology Baccalaureate Service and no. 51 of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, which consisted of textbooks, Braille keyboard, recorders, speakers, talking calculators, sticks and a wheelchair.

Such equipment is used in high school-school for students with disabilities are provided on the premises of this school and attended about 15 different students with different abilities.

During the event, a high school student with vision problems thanked Letty Coppel Foundation for supporting this program, as well, they can fend for themselves.
Again, Pueblo Bonito Group through the Foundation Letty Coppel, reinforces its commitment to education and support to people with disabilities.

Estudiantes CBTIS 51
Estudiantes CBTIS 51