The Foundation Letty Coppel celebrated the mother´s day at “Preciosos Momentos” nursery.

Letty Coppel´s Foundation participated in the mother´s day event at “Preciosos Momentos” nursery, which is directed by, Rosa María González, in this celebration the girls and children delighted to their moms with Hawaiian dances and at the same time moms and daddies competed to win different gifts, they also had raffles, a delicious dinner, and surprises for the big celebration.

Lucy Guevara, Coordinator of Letty Coppel´s Foundation, through the program: school for parents, is directly in touch with the kid´s parents in “Preciosos Momentos” nursery, to profit the familiar union of the families in Los Cabos, the one who congratulated to the mums on their day.