Exploring Together: Transformational Workshops of the Fundación Letty Coppel

Fundación Letty Coppel is more than an organization: it is a community support and personal development center. Its social programs cover various areas that seek to aid and strengthen the community from its roots.

One of the foundation’s essential pillars is the Homework Club. This program addresses the needs of parents concerned about their children’s academic success. Here, the little ones receive educational guidance, participate in exercises designed to strengthen their skills and enjoy a space that fosters interactive learning. Some tools offered are regularization classes, didactic activities, and literacy support.

Club de tareas de Fundación Letty Coppel.


But the foundation continues; its activities go beyond the classrooms. For the elderly, there is a world of opportunities and care.

The Department of Elderly Care offers a range of dynamics designed to keep the mind active and the spirit rejuvenated. From brain gymnastics to cultural celebrations, each activity is carefully planned to promote self-esteem, integration, and respect for our elders.


And for women, especially heads of households, the foundation has training programs in various trades. Despite challenging situations, these brave women find a path to economic independence in these workshops. From crafting to baking, these training sessions offer practical skills and a space for personal and human development.


Nutrition and health are also central focuses. The Nutrition Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those who need guidance on food and health; the importance of good nutrition is understood from ABC to lifestyle, and the foundation seeks to address each individual’s dietary and nutritional needs.


Mental well-being is also crucial; the Psychology Department offers psychotherapy services so that individuals can address and resolve their conflicts, living more fully and consciously. Additionally, Psychopedagogy supports children, teenagers, and their tutors in different learning stages, from language therapy to workshops for parents, covering various areas to enhance the educational experience.


And let’s not forget the importance of physical rehabilitation; the physiotherapy department is responsible for improving musculoskeletal function, offering everything from pediatric physiotherapy to early stimulation workshops. Letty Coppel Foundation is a source of inspiration, where needs turn into opportunities, and where each person finds the necessary support to shine.

Our foundation’s workshops are fundamental pillars to empower and enrich our community. At Letty Coppel Foundation, we focus on providing meaningful opportunities that go beyond conventional teaching.

Psicopedagoga con niño apoyándolo en su aprendizaje en Fundación Letty Coppel.