Donation of Computer Equipment to the Customer Services Unit to Regular Education # 8. (USAER)

On 16 June 2009, Pueblo Bonito Group by Letty Coppel Foundation took delivery of a computer and a printer to Care Services Unit to Regular Education # 8 of the School Zone 10 of the City of Mazatlan.

This unit is responsible for the care of 87 students with special educational needs with and without disabilities, which are addressed in 4 kindergartens in this school zone: Kindergarten Lund Angela Lund Gomez , Angela de Izaguirre, Fray Pedro de Gante y Antonio Martinez Atayde.

The computer equipment was used so that students can make use of programs that aid in their intellectual development within the classroom. The presentation took place in the multipurpose room of the School Zone 10.

The event was attended by some students benefit and Unit staff of Customer Service to Regular Education # 8.  Miss Sylvia Yolanda Tirado Conde, Director of USAER thanked the support from the Foundation Letty Coppel, highlighting the usefulness of computer use in implementing the strategies and tools of teaching and learning according to the educational needs of the beneficiaries.

With this support, the Foundation Letty Coppel reinforces its commitment to support the most vulnerable groups of society, in this case children with special learning needs, providing a helping hand to better education and hence better quality of life.