Delegate and Teachers Students of CSL Children’s Primary School, 1847. They released sea turtles.

Monday, October 22, 2012, the Letty Coppel Foundation through the Pueblo Bonito group with the marine turtle protection program, in conjunction with the CSL Delegation and Education Coordination. They started with the release of sea turtles directed to the Public Schools of this locality. This event was held at the Hotel Pueblo Bonito Pacifica at 6:00 p.m., this time we were accompanied by our CSL Delegate. Mr. Martín Lagarda and his Mrs. Cristina Barraza de Lagarda, who thanked the Letty Coppel Foundation for the support it offers and the facilities to carry out this event, likewise invite children and young people to take care of our environment, they need of our support just like we do them. Carlos Villalobos, the Pueblo Bonito group supervisor and responsible for the marine turtle protection program, gave a talk to the children at the 1847 Héroes Elementary School in Cabo San Lucas, how important it is to know the life of sea turtles that many they are in danger of extinction, and above all how to help them, with the sunset, Delegate, Directors and Masters witnessed this show that nature gives us, 300 sea turtle hatchlings were released.