Marine turtle protection

During these years we have been aware and concerned about environmental issues presented in the municipalities of Mazatlán and Los Cabos, an issue today, is of interest to governments and society in general. Currently environmental degradation and climate change causes a negative impact on the development and welfare of people. Therefore, from the Letty Coppel Foundation we work to preserve natural resources and that they are a source of sustainable development for our community.

As part of the responsibility of the Pueblo Bonito Group, through the Letty Coppel Foundation, it has a rescue program for sea turtles. since these species are in danger of extinction.

Within the established actions special treatment is given to these species, either by some wound or also by getting entangled with fishing nets, among other species. Which are removed and then placed in nurseries for care and reproduction. In addition each of the hotels, has a small nursery where these species are reproduced and given the proper care.