Conference “A life with added value”

Letty Coppel Foundation Mazatlán, on behalf of Mrs. Letty Coppel President of its Foundation, brings to the Convention Center the number one lecturer in Latin America, Dr. César Lozano, offering a press conference with the presence of Deputy Fernando Pucheta, Senator Diva Gastelum among other personalities. Dr. César Lozano gave approximately two hours of positive lessons and attitudes. Stop being half warm and treat as you would like to be treated to be unforgettable with others, have emotional and spiritual health is the best recommendation to have a life with added value. Moments of humor, laughter and great reflections on their points of how to treat the people around us and make your life heavy, congruence with what has to be done with what they think and what they say. Being more than 900 people among them employees of Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán and Emerald Bay, associations and special education schools, Psychopedagogy Mexico, are part of support for the Letty Coppel Mazatlan Foundation. This conference is appreciated for the cause of promoting education at the beginning of the next school year around 4,000 school supplies (notebooks, backpacks, packs of pens, pencils, pens, etc.) were collected. Thanking the staff of Pueblo Bonito staff and event coordinators, as well as other people that worked together and in harmony.