4th walk to commemorate the cerebral palsy international day

Letty Coppel Foundation performed the 4th walk with the aim to memorialize the cerebral palsy international day, it should be mentioned that this occasion was a very special, the event was done in memory of “Captain Luisito”, who was the motivation to begin this movement and for whom it will be celebrated in the following years. Hundreds of assistants participated in the event, some in the 5km race, and children with different abilities in company of family and friends participated in the 2 km walk, they started in the km 0, in front of “El Bosque de la Ciudad. The objective was to celebrate children with different abilities, to make them feel happy and included in society, as well as to invite people in general. We thank organizers and sponsors who made this celebration possible as well as the press and volunteers, thank you to everyone for your contribution. “By the hand with them”.

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