Social Assistance Center

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“All the gold in the world means nothing, what endures are the good deeds we do for our fellow men.”
Adolfo Prieto


  • Support the people who need it the most in vulnerable moments.
  • Strengthen the health of mind and body through professional psychological and physical therapies.
  • Implement lines and work projects that generate work autonomy.
  • Provide tools that contribute to an environment of balance, necessary to achieve harmony in the family nucleus.
  • Reinforce moral and ethical values to consolidate social welfare.
  • Generate hope through professional support to those who believe that everything is lost.





For the Letty Coppel Foundation it is very important to be able to benefit the community of Los Cabos, and especially those family members who need it most, that is why from the month of November will begin the construction of the Letty Coppel Foundation Social Assistance Center.

The purpose is to improve the quality of life of each person, which will be taken by professionals in each of the areas that will be offered that are:

– Physical rehabilitation
– Psychology
– Psychopedagogy
– Nutrition
– General Medicine
– Optometrist
– Self employment courses
– Senior Adult Support

For the Foundation it is a dream come true that we know will bear many fruits for the benefit of thousands of Families.